Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Potatoes and Sustainable Fish

My local Farmer's Market has been open since the beginning of May and I have to say it makes menu planning a heck of a lot easier. During the winter I relied on websites, magazines and old favorites to get me thru the week, but it is just not as fun.

Perusing the stalls yesterday I came across one of my favorite spring treats: new fingerling potatoes. These babies were unearthed that morning and the skin is rice-paper thin. Mmm...Like most people, I grew up eating mostly russet potatoes which are fine for baking but why limit yourself when there are so many varieties out there? While I am not a huge of lettuce typically I could bypass the succulent purple lettuce. Pretty.

We love fish and seafood. We don't love the state of our oceans and try to be responsible with the fish we buy. Over the past couple of seasons we've gotten to know the fine folks at Linda Brand Crab and they are always very forthcoming with how the fish and seafood were harvested. I also wanted to point out this handy-dandy guide sustainable seafood.

So tonight we are enjoying some potatoes roasted with fresh herbs garlic and olive oil. Since one cannot live on starch alone, pan-fried up some Chinook salmon with Tom Douglas' salmon rub and served both along side baby lettuce salad drizzled with fresh buttermilk chive dressing.